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Planetpladsen & Planetstien

Welcome to our Solar system scale model square and round walking track in Klokkerholm!

Our Solar system scale model square and walking track in Klokkerholm is two new free attractions that gives our visitors a unique perspective on the planets in our Solar System.
The town square and walking track is accessible to all and illustrate the relative sizes of the planets in 3D. The walking track is laid out around the picturesque lake ”Klokkerholm Møllesø” witch gives the pedestrian a sense of the vast distances between the planets.
Display posts along the track and on the square adds fun- and science facts on the planets to think and wonder about.

The square with scale models of the Sun and planets gives a unique perspective on thier respective sizes.
The scale size is 1 cm for each 1640 km. The ”square” is in fact circular and made of yellow bricks raised about 75 cm in the center to form a cut out of a hemisphere and symbolizing the diameter of the Sun to witch the planets can be compared. A logarithmic scale is used to compress the distances of each planet from the center to a manageable size. Closest to the center the distance between the planets are large and gets smaller toward the most distant planets.
The planets orbits the Sun in a plane. You can see this plane if you find the right spot on the ”Sun” and see for yourself the planets actually forms a line.
The positions of the planets around the Sun changes constantly but in this case the positions are fixed to the positions they occupied on the 100th anniversary of the town citizens association on February 11, 2018.

The walking track around the lake is 2.5 km long and starts at the center of the Scale model Sun and continues along the shores of our beautiful lake.
Every planet has a display post with interesting and fun facts. The distances between the planets are here on a linear scale, which means if you have walked twice as far to the next planet the distance between the real planets has doubled too.

The real distances are reduced so much that normal walking pace corresponds to 7 times the speed of light in the real world! If you prefer to run, you can make impressive lap times here!
Make your own discoveries by visiting our interactive website by scanning the QR-codes on each of the posts or use the web address
The website is updated in regular intervals with new stories.

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This project is completed with financial support from Sparekassen Vendsyssels Trust, Landsbyrådet, Klaus Albrechtsen ApS og Reservedelsfabrikken RDF A/S.