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The Sun

The Sun is by far the greatest Body in our Solar System.

With a diameter of 1.5 million kilometers, it takes 109 diameters of our Earth to make it across the disk of our Sun. This comparable to the size of a pee and a large beach ball!

The Sun weights 333.000 times more than the Earth and this makes the gravity field of the Sun very powerful. If we could stand on the surface of the Sun without burning, we would weight 28 times our weight here on Earth

The Sun shines brightly because the surface temperature is close to 6.000 °C. In comparison, the flame of a candle light is only ca. 1.000 °C.

Our Sun is made, by mass, by 73.5 % hydrogen and 25 % helium. Only about 1 % of the mass is heavier elements. It is the fusion of hydrogen to helium, which is the energy source of the Sun. The Sun has a power output of 3.8∙1026 W – somewhat more than our LED lights!