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The atmospheric pressure on Venus is 90 times higher than that on the Earth. On the surface the wind is never more than a light breeze but it non the less excerpts a considerably wind force because the atmosphere is so dense

Venus is covered by a dense layer of permanent clouds at an altitude between 50 and 80 km above the surface. The clouds is made of primarily sulfur dioxide and sulfuric acid. The wind speed in these cloud layers can be up to 350 km/h.

The American spacecraft Mariner 2 was the first to orbit Venus in 1962. The first probe to land on Venus was the Russian build Venera 7.

The atmosphere consists primarily of CO2; witch is a powerful greenhouse gas. Thus, the surface temperature is between +450 and +500°C.
Venus is often referred to as the sister planet of the Earth because the two are of comparable size. However, Venus has no moon

Venus’ korrekt farvegengivelse

On Venus you can celebrate you birthday every day since there is only 0.92 Venus days per calendar year. The large amount of hot chocolate and cookies is not as big a problem, as on Earth, since your weight on Venus is 9 % less than on Earth!

The space probe Magellan went into orbit around Venus and mapped the surface using radar.

This photo is created from radar data, whereby more details appear sharper. The colors though are synthetic.

Time to orbit the Sun is 225 days. One Venus day lasts 243 Earth days and the planet rotates in the opposite direction of all other planets.